Engineers have taught the robot. dance

Engineers have taught the robot. dance

Robot specialistsow from the Federal Polytechnic University of Zurich have developed a robot thatory you can take with you to a disco. The machine does not rely on a pre-programmed set of movementsow whichore then put into practice while playing music. The four-legged robot, named ANYmal, has the ability to analyze music and create its own choreography to it.

The included software allows the robot to analyze the tempo of the music, create a movement to match that tempo, and then see if the designed pattern of movement matches the song being played. ANYmal changes its movements when the music changes.

– If we take the robot to a disco, it will analyze the music and create a choreography to it, and then synchronize its movements with it – said Péter Fankhauser, one of the members of theoin the team, ktory worked on the robot.

Of course, ANYmal is not a master dancer. Currently it looks like some sort of twitch in the przod and backwards, but – as Fankhauser put it, „The dance is very human and such a display of activity requires a lot of movement, so it is difficult to imitate it”. Anyway, see for yourself "dance" robot.

It may seem that this type of work would get around without much relevance to robotics as a whole, but this is not the case at all. TwoANYmal’s researchers stress that the robot’s abilities could find applications in fields such as surveying and rescue.

As Fankhauser said, the robot’s abilities can be cfow compare to a human’s ability to imagine howob will perform a given task. Theoretically, this type of technology could one day save lives.

Engineers from the Federal Polytechnic University of Zurich prove that not only Boston Dynamics creates large walking robots, whichore able to perform everyday human activities. Below is a video of how ANYmal handles the elevator.


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