Meeting with an astronaut, Mars rover competition, shows and presentations. European Rover Chal launches

Meeting with an astronaut, Mars rover competition, demonstrations and presentations. European Rover Challenge begins

400 Martian robot constructors, a meeting with a British astronaut and a science and technology showcase zone filled with lectures, presentations and workshops. The coming weekend promises to be cosmic, all thanks to the European Rover Challenge, an international robotics competition to be held on September 14-16 this year., in the Museum of Nature and Technology in Starachowice.

Site preparations for the world’s largest robotics and space event have reached their climax. Since Monday, a Martian field has been formed, whichore for three days will become the mainoThe main battleground for the teams competing in the.

– We brought more than 250 tons of soil, sourced entirely from our region. Swoj red color is due to the high content of iron oxide, found in nature under the name hematite, whichory in the voivodeshiposwietokrzyskie region has been mined since the Paleolithic era. And what is most important in the context of the European Rover Challenge (ERC) is the earth in terms not only of color, but also geologically similar to the one whichora occurs on Mars – says Lukasz Wilczynski, president of the European Space Foundation, initiator and organizer of the ERC.

In front of the teams, whichore coming to the European Rover Challenge from all over the world, four off-road competitions will be waiting, based on the so-called “off-road”. „roadmap”, which are strategy documents of future robotic missions of NASA and ESA. Their goal is to comprehensively demonstrate the capabilities of the created Martian robot and its remote navigation.

The tasks are designed to eliminate the luck factor and promote those projects thatore are able to operate in a mannerob fixed and repeatable. And among theod them:

  • Science task – Using any technique, the Martian robot is to retrieve from the deeper layers of Mars Yard probka of soil and properly protect it so that it is suitable for poThe main study;
  • Maintenance task – task taking place not on the Martian field, but in its close vicinity (this year it will be an area right next to a historic 19th century smelter furnace). Teams have to cover a designated route with the Martian robot to the target machine, at which theothe field, you have to perform a sequence of several operations, including: toggling the switchow to the correct positions, measuring the electrical parametersoin electrical, observing control panels;
  • Collection task – in this task, the robot must overcome a difficult path, arrive at the z gory designated place, to find an object of max. 300g, whichory has been hidden there, pick it up using a grapple and transport it to the target location;
  • Traverse task (blind navigation) – A dozen markers will be set up on the Mars Yard groundsow with QR codes. The team’s task is to get the robot to the places indicated on the map. Team members cannot navigate using the robot’s camera view, the only thing they have is a map of the area;
  • Presentation task – The teams have a specific time to present during the presentation swoj unito¬≥, afterolne stages of the project’s development and the biggest challenges that theore encountered during the construction of the robot. Team members must also be prepared for possible questions from the juryow.

The field competitions are open to the public, so everyone will have a chance to follow up close the spectacular and emotional struggle of the teams on the Martian field and cheer on their favorites.

There will be no shortage of excitement roAlso during the opening ceremony of the competitionow, on whichorej will appear – Specially for this occasion arriving in Poland Tim Peake – The first British astronaut, whichory worked on the International Space Station. On the same day, he will take part in an open meeting for the ERC public, during which he willorego will tell about its work at the astronaut training centeroIn ESA. The meeting will be translated into Polish. In addition, visitors to the international robotics competition will have the opportunity to win a bestseller by Tim Peake’a under the title "Ask an astronaut", autographed by the author.

The European Rover Challenge is primarily a competition for teamsoin academia, but starting this year, organizers are introducing roAlso competitions for the public. – Participants controlling a small Earth robot remotely will have to overcome an obstacle course. This will allow them to experience, at least for a moment, the emotions thatoThe children will be able to see the first British astronaut, who accompanies the teams competing on the Mars Yard on a daily basis – convinces Lukasz Wilczynski.

The competition for the public will be conducted using the Turtle Rover – compact roveroIn terrestrial, guided by a special platform. In addition, children will be able to sproplay slalom and ball game with Skribotow – small robotsoin education, as well as put on a spacesuit and take part in games organized by the Austrian Space Forum.


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