Second patient ever cured of HIV

Second patient in history cured of HIV virus

In the entire history of people’s struggle with HIV, only one patient has been cured. Until now. The second-ever case is reported by researchers in the UK. “London patient,” as this case is referred to, shows signs of “long-term remission” of the disease.

Timothy Ray Brown, known as „berlin patient”, is the only person whoora has so far been completely cured of HIV. However, soon they may no longer be alone . Ten years after Brown became famous for his cell transplantationostem cells, whichory eliminated his HIV infection, a similar transplant from a donor whoory have comorks resistant to HIV, likely cured another man, called the „London patient”.

– This is a big deal – mowi Sharon Lewin, whoora heads the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia. – It shows us that Brown’s case was not a one-off,” he adds. Although similar treatment could be appropriate only on a small group of the millionoin the osob of HIV-infected people worldwide, it still offers hope for developing new treatments thatore may improve the effectiveness of therapy.

Both HIV-infected men were treated for leukemia. They have been transplanted into the comostem cells from osob, whichore carried a rare mutation in the CCR5 gene, often used by the virus to infect comorek. Previously, each had undergone chemotherapy aimed at killing existing cellsocancerous cells in the bone marrow.

Comorks of blood from the transplant gradually displaced infected comorki recipientow. In this wayob was cured a man from Berlin, and all indications are that the roalso „London patient”, ktory has been off the drug for 18 monthsoin antiretrovirals and has since been found to have no HIV in his body.

Worldwide, about 37 millionow osob is infected with HIV. Of this group, only about 60 percent. are taking antiretroviral drugs. About one million infected wasps die each yearob.

Virologist Ravindra Gupta of University College in London, ktory deals with a case of „London patient” argues, however, that it is not possible to mown o „cure”. Instead, Gupta mosees that the patient is in „long-term remission” diseases. – About the cure we will be able to mowić after dwoch years,” says a virologist.

Researchers also recall that previous similar transplants have failed to cure a handful of other patientsoin whichoThose who received it. In someorych was followed by temporary remission, but poThey later had relapsedot disease. – It had been 10 years since the last success, and I was prepared for failure in the „a patient from London” – mowi Gupta.

There are several rodifference in the treatment used in „London patient” and Brown’s. Brown had two transplants, and his entire body was exposed to radiation. Meanwhile, the treatment „London patient” was milder and targeted Hodgkin’s lymphoma, whichory was detected in him. This confirms the fact that there is no single perfect way toob to treat HIV with this method.

To learn more about this, the AIDS Research Foundation of New York has been funding researchers since 2014 toow from around the world, whichoers treat blood cancer in a patientoin HIV-infected. „Patient of London” is among 40 such osob.

Timothy Heinrich of the University of California, San Francisco, observed HIV remission in dwoch patientow after the transplantation of comostem sharks, ktore did not have the CCR5 mutation. However, they have not been completely cured. This indicates that mutation of the gene is the key to overcoming the disease, the scientist believes.

Brown’s cases and „London patient” will continue to be detailedolively analyzed. Scientists wonder what effect the previously administered drugs had on eradicating the virus. Research is also underway on the mutation of the CCR5 gene.


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