Corals can work together to capture larger prey

Corals can work together to capture larger prey

Scientists caught predatory corals in the act by recording on video how these wspoThey work together to capture jellyfish battered by sea currents. So far, this behavior has not been observed in coralcow.

Syndromeoł composed of researchers from the University of Edinburgh made the discovery when they spotted jellyfish tossed by currents on underwater cliffs near islands off the coast of Sicily. When jellyfish prob were drifting away, they encountered more and more individual coralsow, with whichorych each attached to them, preventing them from escaping.

Research on the subject was published in the pages of the journal „Ecology”. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh wspoThey collaborated on the research with colleagues from the Italian Scientific Research Committee.

Observations made by the scientistow have shown howob corals (Astroides calycularis), whichore feeding on the head of theownie small marine organisms, are capable of catching such large prey as luminescent jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca).

A species of luminescent jellyfish is responsible for most painful injuriesow, whichore they encounter humans while swimming in the Mediterranean Seaochildish.

– Although both species have been known to us for years, we had no idea that corals could capture and consume jellyfish – said Fabio Badalementi, a coorouter of the research.

– These are truly fascinating observations. Traditional wisdom mowi that corals do not eat jellyfish, but the results of our study show that we must keep our eyes and minds open to new discoveries – stressed Murray Roberts, roAlso involved in the research.


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