Penguins recorded themselves on a camera left unattended

The penguins recorded themselves on a camera left unattended

One of the scientists studying emperor penguins accidentally left his camera unattended. Curious birds took advantage of the situation, resulting in a video that is rapidly gaining popularity.

The recording was published by the Australian Antarctic Division, and was recorded in a penguin colonyoin the Emperors in Antarctica called Auster Rookery, located near the Australian Mawson Research Station.

One of the researchers currently working at the research station – Eddie Gault, during his stay at the colony birdow left his camera unattended. Curious penguins had to see what it was and thusob a video was created.

Penguin pairoin the Imperial recorded on camera. At first, only the legs of the bird are visibleoin the spinning wokoł the equipment left behind, however, the penguins managed to ring theotion of the camera, resulting in a quickly gaining popularity recording.

The emperor penguin is the largest living representative of the penguin familyow. They weigh up to 40 kilogramsoin and can reach heights of more than one meter. The birds currently inhabit some 45 colonies scattered throughout Antarctica. According to the results of counting these penguinoin 2009, their population is estimated at about 600,000 individualsow.


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